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The CorriLee Foundation is an organisation with a difference. Founded and run by the force of nature that is Tanya Lee, the CorriLee Foundation specialises in staging major events (think stage show extravaganzas, variety shows, dance parties, celebrity tennis & golf days and everything in between) and connecting good causes with the right benefactors. Tanya uses her expansive connections and unusual charm – along with a good solid dose of hard work – to bring existing charities and the people who want to support them together.

To date The CorriLee Foundation has raised over $500,000 to assist organisations including the Mirabel Foundation, SANE Australia, Kids Helpline, Evonne Goolagong Foundation, Oasis, Educating Africa, Alzheimer’s Australia, Dying With Dignity, Vanuatu Earthbag Building, Lou’s Place, MND Foundation, Food Ladder, The Cova Project, The Leukaemia Foundation, Bowel Cancer Australia, Share the Dignity, Shae Gibson Women’s Cancer Support Fund, RALLY4EVER, Unharm Foundation & Shine for Kids Foundation, to name just a few.

no laughing matterTwo key current projects include the No Laughing Matter Podcast Series website launched in early May 2021.  The podcasts relay real life stories of incest, narrated by known Australian comedians and media personalities. This is a topic very close to Tanya’s heart.  Along with hoping to raise more awareness on this important topic, we also have a CTA for a specific, government-funded, and managed, 24-hour counselling service, tailored exclusively for incest victim/survivors (current and retrospectively).  We also hope for a plan for better education, cultural change, and a safer community for all children.   Funding for such counselling and education would help tackle this shocking problem and ensure a lessening of the alarming statistics of abuse.    We ask you to follow our podcasts –

An additional project is the second release of an old fashion recipe cookbook titled Death by Corrie Cookbook (named in memory of Tanya’s Grandmother Corrie).  The original book titled ‘Nana No Hats’ sold over 2,000 copies).  The new edition of the cookbook will be showcasing creative images of the meals, drawn by known Australian cartoonists.  Funds and awareness raised from the book are for Dying With Dignityan advocacy organisation pursuing a change in the law, to enhance choice at the end of life.  The Death by Corrie Cookbook is currently in production and intends to be released to the public in early 2022.
For enquiries about the cookbook please email us at

“Corrie Frances Lee, an ordinary Australian, my grandmother and my hero”

– Tanya Lee, Founder, The CorriLee Foundation

The CorriLee Foundation owes its name to Tanya’s grandmother, Corrie Lee, a person whose virtues our organisation aims to emulate and inspire in others. Virtues such as: perseverance, determination, optimism, generosity, kindness and commitment. Corrie raised a family while her husband was at war, ran her own business in an era when this was not expected of women and endured the loss of a limb without losing her zest for life and her generosity to those around her.


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