Corrie's Angels

These wonderful people have been helping The CorriLee Foundation as volunteers for many years. I can’t thank them enough and thank heavens I still have them with me to help make an event go smoothly because it is not an easy thing being a volunteer. In my humble opinion I think some of the event guests forget that these people are donating their time and they can be a bit demanding and my guys just carry on with a smile.

Jess Brain

Jess has been the events and marketing manager as well as Tanya’s right hand for many years. She has now moved overseas to pursue her dreams of working in neuroscience research and brain training but will always be part of the CorriLee family. You can find out how to enhance your own brain through her website.

Camilla Williams

Camilla is passionate about social justice! She loves being a part of the CorriLee events and learning more about the different areas the foundation supports. She works as a case manager at a homelessness service in the Sydney City area. Camilla is working on completing a law degree so she can become a big change maker herself.

Ashley Hucker

Ash has helped CorriLee on numerous occasions, both as Tanya’s assistant and general volunteering on charity event days, over the last 2 years. Ashley is currently back at university but continues to be involved with our fund raisers.

Tyra Calderwood

Tyra is always happy to help us whenever she is can. She has been involved in multiple tennis charity days and also a couple of our charity music concerts. Tyra has played tennis professionally and now teaches tennis at one of Sydney’s leading private girl schools.

Bree Calderwood

Bree has been helping the Foundation for over ten years. She has a master of Education; she teaches PE and is Head Tennis Coach at Danebank School. Bree is also a recreation Officer in Sydney. She played professionally on the WTA Tour and was a highly ranked junior Tennis Player in Australia.

Kerstin Avramidis

Kerstin has been an avid believer in CorriLee for many years and supports the foundation wherever she can. She has been involved in several projects; including the Vanuatu Earthbag Building and the Nana No Hats Cook Book. Both were sponsored by POLYGLOT, where she has worked as an accountant for nearly 10 years. Kerstin always attending and promoting all the foundation’s musical events; she is always happy to help with printing and other admin chores.

Rhys Carroll

Rhys is a valued volunteer! He has an electrical business on Sydney’s northern beaches and is passionate about other people. He’s always there to lend a hand when needed and is often the first to help to those in need. Rhys’ outgoing and loving personality makes him a great addition to the CorriLee team.

Patrick Macy

Patrick Macy

Patrick has a background in tennis having competed on the ATP circuit for a couple of years in satellites and futures tournaments.

Patrick works in Multimedia and was the interactive designer for Channel 7’s entertainment department and he has worked on many prolific jobs, varying from Movies,TV Shows to his other passion in Sports Media.

Patrick is also an artist and painter. He is honoured to be working and supporting the CorriLee Foundation.

Anthony Templeton


Anthony brings over 20 years of customer service/food & beverage experience to the foundation. His career has taken him from his home town in Brisbane to  around the world, working in some of London’s iconic hotels to Sydney’s most popular restaurants.  Anthony recently graduated with a Diploma of Nursing in 2018. Confirming his testimony of grit & determination considering his last formal education was over 30 years ago. Anthony is super excited to extend his compassion & empathy to people’s health needs.  Anthony loves to engage with people. If  if you see this amazing person volunteering at the next Corrilee Event, please say hi. 

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