Beresford for Bears

The CorriLee Foundation  held an event for Animals Asia at Upstairs Beresford. We have received wonderful feedback about how enjoyable the show was from a lot of our guests.

CorriLee would like to thank all the magnificent people involved in the event – our MC Mikey Robins, Andrew O’Keefe, the great man Peter Northcote who is also an ambassador for Animals Asia, Comedians Rhys Nicholson & Dave Eastgate, Denis Carnahan, Terry Serio, Virginia Lillye, Tony Squires, Mark Williams & Pete’s band.
Without the help of Jack Christey, Camilla Williams, Jess Brain, Alex Bryant, Rhys Carroll & Bree Calderwood the night would not have run so smoothly. Thank you to you lovely lot of helpers from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to Anne Lloyd-Jones from Animals Asia!

Thank you to the people at the Beresford & one last thank you to our photographer Melissa Vuong. Melissa the images are outstanding!
Bear Hugs to you all and especially Jack William Christey! Tanya