The Elephant in the Room

An art gallery event held for the Humane Society International at  the Richard Martin Gallery in October 2012.

All artworks and contributions to this event were elephant orientated with money raised from this evening going towards an elephant sanctuary in Agra, India. There are 6 elephants in the ‘Elephant Haven’ by the names of Bhola, Bijli, Rajesh, Maya, Phool Kali and Chanchal.

The gallery included ell-prints, elephant footprints on canvas.   The process  is a very slow, laborious and time intensive project. Environment and elephants friendly colours /vegetable dyes are kept in large containers around the elephant. Then a carpet of canvas pieces is layered between the elephant and some juicy sugarcane. The elephants take their time walking over the canvas making beautiful prints. It sometimes takes several days of patience and perseverance to get a single good footprint.

Thanks to:

  • MC Claire Hooper
  • Guest Speaker: Joan Pearson
  • Auctioneer: James Reed from Sotheby’s
  • Artist: Richard Allen
  • Artist: Danielle Harte
  • Guest auctioneers Mikey Robins Steve Abbott
  • Thank you to Richard, Dane & Kris from the RICHARD MARTIN ART GALLERY
  • Naomi Hamililton Photography
  • Caroline Rafferty
  • Daynor Missingham
  • Liz Sherborne Jewellery
  • Georgina Davidson
  • David Matters from Best Cellars
  • Joan Pearson’s friends for volunteering and providing food
  • Jess’s friends for volunteering