On Wednesday the 24th of June the Centennial Park Trust and The Corrilee Foundation generously hosted a round robin tennis fundraising event for the newly developed program Rally Forever.

Rally Forever aims to create a new frontier for mental health by helping people thrive through physical activity and human connection. This event was a fantastic way to introduce the objectives of the program and to give people a real and practical sense of what it is all about.

Founder of Rally Forever Louise Pleming, former professional tennis player, coach and Grand Slam commentator had the opportunity to share her story of Rally Forever and create awareness in how positive movement can be for our mental health.

Louise told those at the event how the idea was triggered by an experience with a gentleman hard on his luck who reached out to her for a tennis lesson. “He approached me for a lesson, told me about his circumstances and it was clear after a period of time connecting and giving him some time, a positive situation was created where he could be physically active and engage. Over a three and a half year period, creating the opportunity to be active and connected truly showed to me just how positive it was for his mental health.”

The fundraising event held on Wednesday saw 24 keen tennis players from all over Sydney creating an uplifting, positive atmosphere for everyone involved. All participants had the opportunity to play in the round robin event with Louise, current professional player Alex Osborne and former professional tennis player Jess Moore. While the event was intended to be an awareness launch we were very fortunate to make close to $900.
A special thank you to Yonex and Phil StrungOut for their kind donation of the EZone 100 tennis racquet.

Rally Forever would like to thank Centennial Park for the opportunity to use their tennis courts and club area for such a positive fundraising event. Rally Forever would love everyone to get involved and be a part of this genuine uplifting concept. Together we can all live healthier lives.